Junior Associate

Tanja Stamenova

Tanja graduated from the University of St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Faculty of Law in 2013 attaining her LL.B degree. She continued her education by enrolling the postgraduate studies for Civil law at the same Faculty. Tanja attained her LL.M degree in 2015 by defending her master thesis: “Contract of lifelong care”.
She has a training experience of one year in Primary Court Skopje 2 Skopje.

In 2016 she successfully passed her bar exam and joined Kimova Law Office the same year. Tanja’s practice mainly focuses on litigation cases, both, commercial and civil, debt recovery and enforcement cases. She also represents clients in various administrative cases. Her practice also includes darfting of various civil agreements.
Tanja is an active member of the Association for legal and economic research and education Iuridica Prima. That provides her with a continuous opportunity to complement her education and skills by attending various seminars and conferences in different areas of law.

Languages: Macedonian, English, Greek, German.